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Professional Carpet Dry Cleaners in Sydney Helps to Restore the Quality of Carpets

Carpet Dry Cleaning is another method for cleaning your carpets which involve the use of specialized high skilled machinery with developed certified chemical and solvent technologies comprising of no-moisture or very low moisture cleaning methods resulting in carpet beautification and restoration. We are proficient carpet dry cleaners in Sydney, experts in using this technique with certified solvents like d-limonene, petroleum byproducts, glycol ethers, or butyl agents. The dry carpet cleaning method does not cause any shrinkage or buckling of the carpet and is especially recommended for wool carpets.

Why Carpet Dry Cleaning is Required?

  • Stubborn stain and odor removal
  • Water and oil spilling
  • Mocktails and cocktails spilling
  • Removal of food, mud, paints or color stains left by kids while playing
  • Removal of urine stains and shedded hair from pets.

A Quick and Eco friendly Carpet Dry Cleaning Services

Stain Masters is one of the perfect green choices for carpet dry cleaning services Sydney which gives its clients the most rapid and on time services at affordable prices according to their needs. With our top quality dry cleaning services, your carpets will be left with soft and gentle touch. In addition to this it will be completely dried within a couple of hours so that you can walk on them right away; it also cuts down the chances of your carpet getting warped by being water-logged. Some additional benefits that comes along with our services are-

  • Dry Cleaning for carpets is less abrasive as it uses eco friendly greener products.
  • It is more convenient and saves time.
  • Improves the indoor air quality of your house.
  • Expertise in handling a large item cleaning at a time.
  • The technicians at Stain Masters are highly skilled and accredited, so you will get a professional dry cleaning services for your carpets.
  • Almost guaranteed service to preserve the longevity of your carpet.

We perform a pre-inspection. We will meet with you and take a careful look at your carpet before we start, making sure we’re aware of any special requests or problem areas. We will also take note of any cleaning products you prefer we not use, and will make sure all our cleaning solutions are compatible with your particular type of carpet.


Clearing the area. We don’t expect you to have all the furniture cleared away before we get there. We’re happy to move any furniture out of the way.


Vacuuming. We use an industrial, heavy-duty vacuum to get rid of the obvious dirt, dust and hair, and to loosen up those more stubborn stains.


Applying a dry cleaning solution. We use a bio-degradable, hypoallergenic and environmentally safe product that de-greases and cleans your carpet by breaking down and trapping dirt. We then buff this solution away with large buffing pads. They easily pick up dirt and most of the moisture, facilitating a quick-drying process.


Spot cleaning. After buffing we go back and deal with any especially stubborn stains, using powerful stain removing agents.


Post-inspection. Once we have finished our technicians will walk through the area with you to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the results.

We have the latest equipment to moisture and buff your carpet and dry clean it without any damage.