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It’s always a pleasure to see how bright and clean your carpets look right after they’ve been professionally cleaned. Now you can keep them looking fresh and new longer by asking for carpet protection. After carpet cleaning we recommend the next step and that is “Carpet protection”. Now, what is carpet protection? As everybody knows that precaution is better than cure in most of the cases. So, is true in case of carpets. Carpet protection refers to the application of carpet protector and carpet deodorizer after carpet cleaning. These solutions can protect the carpet from children, pets and muddy shoes etc for a larger period of time. Also the deodorizer removes the unwanted odors from the carpet and it looks fresh.

StainMasters carpet protector helps your carpet resist dirt, spills, vacuuming, and everyday wear and tear. It also reduces static electricity. Carpet fibers are naturally resistant to dry soil and water-based stains, but carpet protection helps to improve that resistance. And even though carpet is typically treated with carpet protection when it’s being made, that protection eventually weakens. It’s the inevitable outcome of daily foot traffic, vacuuming, and soil and dirt. We recommend applying carpet protector after every cleaning. For homes with kids and pets, there’s no question you need extra carpet protection.



Stain blocker technology helps prevent staining


Fibres are coated with a protective barrier reducing wear on fibres


Penetration of liquid is reduced, making spills easier to remove


Repels oily soils such as cooking fats, grease, hair and body oils

Carpet Protection can save your carpet from stains, pets, mud etc. Its more of a prevention than cure. Call today to inquire more.