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Carpet Protection Services Sydney: A Highly Skilled Expertise for Carpet Protection

Carpet protection undergoes the application process of applying carpet protector and carpet deodorizer right after carpet cleaning procedure which is an only solution for preventing your carpet from getting damaged for any reason. Our process of carpet protection services in Sydney use specialized deodorizer that removes unwanted odors and a stain from the carpet which in return makes it look fresh. Carpet protection helps to improve the resistance from dry soil and water based stains as carpet fibers are naturally resistant to dry soil and water.

Main Causes for Carpet Protection

  • Regular wear and tear
  • Continuous vacuuming during cleaning process
  • Liquid Spilling
  • Removal of accumulated dust , dirt and grimes
  • Mess up removal created by kids and pets

Carpet Protection in Sydney: A Must to Do After Carpet Cleaning

Stain Masters, a foremost company that serve you with the quality service for carpet protection in Sydney, a highly effective and genuine eco friendly services for carpets against ultraviolet protection to reduce fading exposed to the sun that is considered as an inevitable outcome of daily foot traffic and soil dust collected in your carpets. Our highly competent technicians use various efficient carpet protectors that prolong the quality of your carpet. They are as follows-

  • Citafresh, a best protecting agent which works well for delicate silk and woolen carpets leaving it with fresh and clean smell.
  • Odaban used for removing foul smell of rotten vegetables and petroleum products leaving your carpet with pleasant smell.
  • Grease Release Spotter is an environment friendly cleaning agent applied on the carpet to get rid from oily and greasy stains. It works faster than any other cleaning agent that saves your valuable time and extra efforts.
  • Teflon a polytetrafluoroethylene chemical is a non-sticky and slippery agent that works well as a carpet protector in repelling any kind of stains on the carpet.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide cleaning agent is applied as a spray in the pre cleaning treatment for spotting bacteria and stains. It oxidizes stain and odors once penetrated into the carpet fibers.

We recommend homes with kids and pets to choose such carpet protection services after every carpet cleaning process.


Stain blocker technology helps prevent staining


Fibres are coated with a protective barrier reducing wear on fibres


Penetration of liquid is reduced, making spills easier to remove


Repels oily soils such as cooking fats, grease, hair and body oils

Carpet Protection can save your carpet from stains, pets, mud etc. Its more of a prevention than cure. Call today to inquire more.