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Curtains are often the centrepiece of your room, the pride and joy that coordinates your furnishings; but it’s inevitable that over time they’ll succumb to a build up of dust, dirt and unwanted smells. Don’t ever think that your curtains are too old and you are planning to change them. Replacing curtains for your business can be a very expensive task – especially when you have many rooms to consider, which is why a regular curtain cleaning process can be a life saver for your curtains.

Stain Masters will always provide a top quality service when it comes to rejuvenating your curtains. We know that fresh curtains make all the difference in your home, and that’s exactly why we are dedicated to going the extra mile in making sure that the final result is nothing short of spectacular. Using a gentle yet effective solution, our curtain restoration service will clean, sanitise and deodorise to the highest quality. You will also find that any trace of dust, mould, mildew and stains will be easily removed in a safe and gentle method. Our environmentally-friendly solution will also make sure that there’s no shrinkage or colour loss in your curtains, especially for rubber-backed curtains which can be nearly impossible to clean!



We start by thoroughly vacuuming the curtains paying special attention to the head linings where dust and insects gather.


Then we clean the curtain back and front the old fashioned way – by hand, closely inspecting as we do so.


We’ll then clean your pelmets, leaving your curtains restored, revitalised and smelling fresh!


If you require we can add our stain & soil resistant finish which will help them stay cleaner longer

Never think that your curtains are old, call us before you think of replacing them as we can restore them like new.