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Professional cleaning is the best way to maintain the appearance of your leather furniture. Soil transfer from clothes, pets and newspaper can build up on the surface, making it appear dull. Also, sources of light and heat (such as fireplaces or sunlight) can have a drying effect on leather furniture, causing your leather to feel stiff. Moreover, when dust and grime enter the interiors, it settles on upholstery such as sofa and dining chairs. After a reasonable time, stains start to appear and the leather needs cleaning. Apart from cleaning, the leather on various furniture objects also needs moisturizing to prevent it from cracking.

Though, leather is tough the dirt and grime can increase its ageing speed. Using DIY products for cleaning leather can severely affect the age of leather. So, leather needs to be cleaned by professionals. Because this material is preserved animal skin, it should be treated as such. Substances that can keep it supple and slightly moistened will help maintain its look, feel and durability.

When it comes to leather cleaning, it’s best to leave it to the professionals at StainMasters. Attempting it at home with do-it-yourself leather or suede cleaner could result in permanent stains or texture damage. We take special care to clean the leather of any upholstery and also to restore the early signs of ageing of leather. The process is safe for all kinds of Fabric as we will be testing in a small invisible area before starting our work. Professional cleaning of your fine leather furniture will remove soil and free clogged pores. The final step in the cleaning process is a hand-applied coating of leather conditioner, which will help to restore your leather’s soft, luxurious feel by replenishing lost moisture. It dries out completely within 2 hours of us finishing the work.

Before the leather starts showing ageing, get it professionally cleaned by Stain Masters and keep it like new for years to come.