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When dust and grime enter the interiors, it settles mainly on carpets and other upholstery. Dirt settles mainly on the rough and jagged surfaces and the carpets are the best hosts in this context. After a reasonable time, when the carpets are full of such impurities, stains start to appear and they start to appear filthy. Whether you’re carpet is suffering from a long life well-lived, or has taken recent spills from a party or other social event, it’s important that you get it cleaned professionally and quickly so that stains can be removed with the greatest efficiency.

We have specially trained experts in all kind of stain removal techniques and stain types. StainMasters use specialist equipment and expertise to remove not only the dirt but, shampoo residue and water from your carpet, so that your carpets stay cleaner for longer. Unlike professional carpet cleaning, most rented carpet cleaning equipment leaves carpets wet with detergent residue.

We have a range of carpet cleaning systems to accommodate every situation and price.
  • Stain Removal
  • Clean to Blend
  • Full Carpet Clean
  • Soil Resistant Finishes
  • Carpet Protection

Of course, such a wide range of methods means that we can offer a system that is tailor made to your requirements, what the carpet needs (both in terms of soiling and type of carpet) and what your budget will allow.



When we arrive at your property, we’ll be on time and equipped with a selection of advanced cleaning materials and equipment


Our team will immediately move all of the furniture safely out of the area that you want to be cleaned, so it’ll stay safe while we get to work and so that we can see the entire area clearly


We’ll mark and pre-treat significantly blemished or dirty areas so that later cleaning will have the most beneficial effect on them


We will then choose the most suitable product from our range to treat your carpet. This election will depend on your carpets type and weave.


We will pressure-inject the chosen shampoo deep into the weave of your carpet, making sure that it penetrates to the deepest levels while simultaneously removing any dirty fluids


Our team will then apply a preventative treatment which will keep your carpet cleaner and stain-free for longer than just cleaning alone


And we’ll then rake your carpets to make sure that they dry as quickly as possible


Replacing your furniture now, we’ll protect all contact points between furniture and carpet with foil pads to prevent re-staining


And as we leave, we’ll hand you a pair of protective overshoes so that you can walk across your carpet even in the short time it’s still drying!

Using steam cleaning, we will remove all the dirt, stains, grit, sand, and allergens etc and restore your carpet like new.